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Money Back Extended Service Plan

More, Better, Longer Product Protection and You Get Your Money Back!

Our Full Coverage Plans, designed to be the most comprehensive in the consumer electronics industry, were created to give you 100% security. There is little that can happen to your purchase that would not be covered by Visions Full Coverage Plan. These plans also provide you with many other exclusive benefits that are unavailable elsewhere such as the following:

Pre-Budgeted Repairs

You'll never have to worry about an expensive repair bill for as long as you're covered under the service plan.

No Extra Expenses

All parts and labor are covered and you never pay a deductible.

Country Wide Protection

Visions Electronics warranty service plan is available throughout Canada. So there is no problem if you move.

Fully Transferable

Your Visions Electronics service plan is transferable to a new owner. This makes a private sale easy and also increases the value of your purchase.

Inflation Protection

The price for your Visions service plan is based on today's labor rates - eliminating the worry of rapidly increasing costs of parts and labor.

We'll Pay You Back

If at the end of the service plan, no claims were made within the life of the extended service plan, 100% of the value paid (less tax) will be credited back to you in a form of an in-store credit.     For more information see Terms and Conditions section below.

Rebates must be applied for within 90 (ninety) days after the expiration of the Money Back Extended Service Plan. Rebate credits can only be used towards the purchase of regular and sale tagged items only, and cannot exceed 50% of the pre-tax purchase price and have no cash surrender value.

Rebates cannot be combined with any other rebate, incentive, or offer and must be redeemed within 1 (one) year from the expiration of the Money Back Extended Service Plan. Credits are a one-time-only credit, are non-transferable, are not a gift card, and have no cash surrender value.

How do I get help with Money Back Extended Service Plan?

If you purchased your product in one of our retail locations, please visit or contact the store directly.

If you purchased your product from our online store, please Submit a Support Ticket or call us at 1-888-855-9855.

How do I use a Money Back Extended Service Plan rebate for an online purchase?

If you would like to use a warranty rebate for an online purchase, make your purchase first and enter your warranty rebate number in the comments section of your order. Once you have completed your purchase paying in full, we will then arrange to refund your payment method for the appropriate amount of the rebate.

Terms and Conditions

Money Back Extended Service Plan (ESP) Rebates

In event that no claims were made within the life of the ESP. 100% of the value paid (less tax) will be credited back to the purchaser in the form of an in-store credit. Rebates must be applied for online at within 90 days after the expiration of the ESP. Rebates cannot be combined with any rebate, incentive, or offer and must be redeemed within 1 (one) year from the expiration of the ESP. Credits are a one-time-only credit are non-transferable, are not a gift card, and have no cash surrender value.

When purchasing a Visions ESP, Visions, on and subject to the terms and conditions hereof, represents that the material and workmanship incorporated into the covered unit(s) are of such quality that they will perform under normal domestic or personal use within Canada during the coverage period and under the manufacturer’s guidelines. If the covered unit(s) fails to perform under these terms and during the coverage period, Visions Electronics will repair or replace the product(s) with the current equivalent(s) or parts(s), without charge to the customer for parts and labor. Service is on carry in basis unless otherwise specified in print.

Liability of Visions Electronics under the ESP

Under above ESP. Visions is strictly limited to their obligation specified in this document and on the invoice. All of these obligations are subject to and limited by the exclusion, limitations and conditions in this document, The customer should carefully review the Visions ESP information herein and safely retain this document as presentation is required at all electronics service centers in the event service to the covered unit(s) is requested.

Commercial Use of ESP

The Visions Electronics ESP standard price list only applies to normal residential use. If the product(s) covered under the Extended Service Plan are being used in any other environment, Commercial ESP’s are available upon prior approval of selected uses at the prices which are double the amount of residential use. This will be invoiced at the quantity of 2 times (2x) the warranty SKU at the original price. Rebates and transferable options do not apply to commercial warranties.

Coverage Period

Visions Extended Service Plan coverage begins the date of purchase and continues for the term specified on the invoice. Policy Terms are quoted tor the entire protection period and are not in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty (Unless otherwise specified on the invoice. Example “+3 yr”). Extended warranty ends at the end point of replacement. Replacement product will carry the same Manufacturer warranty period as any new purchase of the same product would. Limitation to Recover on Extended Service Plan (ESP).

1. Any obligation covered by a Manufacturer's warranty is not assumed to be covered by Visions Electronics Extended Service Plan (ESP). Visions will not assume any responsibility for Manufacturer’s warranty if the Manufacturer is no longer a business.

2 (a). Should the purchased product require multiple ”like” repairs during the Visons ESP coverage period, or the product is not economical to repair, Visions may, at their discretion provide the Customer with a new similar unit at no charge to the customer. Visions will attempt to replace the original product with the same brand but reserves the right to substitute brands when necessary. The ESP and Visions Electronics liability under the Extended Service Plan ends upon replacement of the product.
2 (b). Protection is for defects in material or workmanship. Wear and tear, accident abuse, misuse, 'burn-in' of the image/parasitic capacitance, or any unauthorized service performed is not covered.
2 (c). Visions ESP includes the cost of "in-home” service to the first 60 kilometers from any authorized service center for major appliances and televisions which are 50 inch size and larger. Customer is responsible for any additional travel or shipping costs involved.
2 (d). In order for "in-home” service to occur, the Customer must ensure that the product is accessible and removed from any permanent mount(s)/structures(s) at the customer’s own cost so that it may be accessible to an authorized technician.

3. The ESP ceases immediately upon any of the following.
3 (a). The serial number/litmus paper on purchased product has been tampered with, or adjusted by any person other than the manufacture.
3 (b). The unit is used in a commercial activity or used for any purpose other than the designated purpose of the product, or if it is not operated in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions.
3 (c). Unavailability of replacement parts due to nonproduction, labor or government order.

4. This ESP only covers the product purchased and does not cover any accessories including, but not limited to, batteries, software, add-on or plug-in devices, remote controls, projection and front projection bulbs/lamps nor lenses. Cosmetic issues, which do not limit the function of the covered product(s) are not covered.

5 (a). Service does not include installation, loaners, cleaning, maintenance, transportation costs or R&R unless otherwise specified.
5 (b). "In-home" service shall only be done during regular working repair center hours.
5 (c). If a claim is made for service (whether "in-home" at a depot) and it is determined by Visions Electronics that there is no defect or that any defect was caused by misuse/abuse of file product, or any reason other than defects in material or workmanship, the cost for repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the customer.

6. Visions Electronics is not to be liable for any damage or misuses how-so-ever caused, whether directly or indirectly, to the covered product or its components. The maximum liability of Visions Electronics under this ESP shall never exceed the purchase price of the warranted product.

7. This ESP may be cancelled at the option of Visions Electronics at any time if there has been any breach/misrepresentation of the terms listed in this document. At this time, Visions will provide notice and a full refund of the purchase price of the ESP to the customer. Upon forwarding such notice and refunds, the ESP shall be cancelled for all purposes.

8. The Customer may transfer the ESP to the subsequent owner of the product by paying a transfer fee of $20.00 for each unit providing notice to Visions within 10 (ten) days of the date of resale of the unit. All of the terms here-of are binding upon the subsequent purchase of this product.

9. No loaner products will be provided with the exception of certain cellular phone options.

10. For "open-box”, demo items, and items where a comparable replacement item is not available, Visons Electronics may, at their discretion, issue a credit in the amount of the original purchase price, (less 30% depreciation for the first year/partial year, and 15% depreciation for every subsequent year/partial year) and the unused portion of the ESP, instead of providing replacement product.

11. Loss of data or damages caused by the loss of data, data reconstruction costs, or loss of business costs and/or revenue are not covered by this service plan. Software issues related to home office products are not covered by Visions ESP.

12. This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties.