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Your Visions Electroics Store Offer 4 Levels Of Packages

Contact one of our stores for help with choosing the package that is right for you. You can decide up front to “Get what you want” in service, price and satisfaction.


Not Sure What You Want?

Different Homes. Different Lifestyles. Different Needs. We get it. We’ll help you with everything from speaker style and placement, to video calibration, to design solutions. And, we’ll guarantee your satisfaction.


Can’t Find Your Way Home?

So you don’t have a van or a pick-up. No problem. Our fast, professional delivery personnel, will get your new purchase to you on time and in showroom condition. Our detailed scheduling will also ensure we accommodate your busy time table.


Don’t Know Where To Start?

From Video and Audio placement, positioning and calibration to safe and efficient wiring. It’s the Visions Electronics experience that confirms… we’re here to help.


Manuals Too Confusing?

We’ll show you exactly how to get your new purchase fully operational. And we’ll take the time to explain the functionality of every item in detail. It’s our investment in time that you deserve.

We provide a variety of residential and commercial services.

  1. Delivery and Setup
  2. Flat Panel Television Mounting
  3. In-Ceiling / In-Wall Speakers and Volume Control
  4. Automated Lighting Control
  5. Automated Window Blinds Control
  6. Automated Environmental Control (Heating and Air Conditioning)
  7. New Construction Pre-Wire
  8. Retrofit Existing Buildings
  9. Macro Remotes for Easy One Button Operation of All Products
  10. Matrix Walls
  11. Distributed Audio and Video
  12. Pre-Site Visits and Consultations

Contact one of our stores to get help choosing one of our packages.