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EluneVision Reference Studio 108" 4K Slim 16:9 with 1.0 Gain Fixed Frame Projector Screen (EVS10810)
Model #: EVS10810

The superb video performance of the Reference Studio 4K series screen comes from EluneVision’s R&D efforts in creating a material that is 100% transparent to the user, and designed for maximum detail clarity when used with 1080p and 4K projector...

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1. Performance
The superb video performance of the Reference Studio 4K series screen comes from EluneVIsion’s R&D efforts in creating a material that is 100% transparent to the user, and designed for maximum detail clarity when used with 1080p and 4K projectors. The material is a near perfect lambertian diffuser, which means that the light is dispersed evenly in a hemispherical distribution, allowing for a balanced and smooth light reflection. The smooth and even light reflection means that there is no hot spotting and or texturing. Furthermore, the material provides a near perfect white field uniformity and an extremely large viewing cone.

2. Durable Long Life and Upgradability
The Reference Studio 4K Fixed-Frame screens have a very long expected life. This long life, combined with the Reference Studio 4K 100 material that performs at the studio/reference level, ensures that this screen can be used for many iterations of projector upgrades.

The projector technology today is advancing by leaps and bounds, which means that every 3-4 years is the optimum time to upgrade your projector. Because our screens perform at the highest level, you will be able to enjoy each improvement in performance to the fullest level on the Reference Studio 4K screens. All but the most expensive competitors are currently unable to fully support a 1080p image, which means by purchasing a non-Reference screen, you are effectively wasting the performance of your 1080p projector.

Due to the texturless surface and Lambertian design, even when the resolution eventually increases to 4K pixel resolution, each pixel will be rendered accurately. Non-Reference class screens effectively down-sample today's high-resolution 1080p projector to a lower-resolution image (as you will see in the tests/demonstration images below), and they will do it even more for tomorrow's higher resolution 4K projectors. Whether you are purchasing a screen to get the most performance out of your projector today, or you are purchasing a screen that will work with video resolutions of tomorrow - the Reference Studio 4K series is the best solution.

Reference 2D and 3D Performance
The Reference Studio 4K series of screens is designed to maximize detail, resolution and uniformity for both 2D and 3D projection. To get the best 3D immersive experience, the screen must be free from artifacts, hot spots and textures. Any flaw in the material and in the reproduction will contribute to a loss of immersion and viewer fatigue due to increased cross talk.

Texture-Free Screen Surface
At EluneVision, much effort was spent designing a projection material that is texture-free. The result is the Reference Studio 4K 100 family of materials have an extremely smooth and pit free surface. The EluneVision Reference Studio 4K family of screens have the highest clarity, sharpness and definition of any projection screen released to date. This means, simply, that the geometry of each projected pixel remains as the projector manufacturer intended.

To illustrate this point, see the screen material texture comparison below, showing the Reference Studio 4K 100 material beside Stewart's (widely considered the gold standard, but at a much higher cost), as well as two other more expensive competitors.

From the above demonstration, it is clear that the EluneVision Reference Studio 4K 100 material is rivaled only by materials multiple times higher in price, and is by far better than materials even 50% higher in price. How does this texture-less material convert to real-world performance? Let's find out.

Perfect Pixel Geometry
The lack of texture leaves pixel geometry perfectly intact with our material. Why is this important? With 1080p projectors now standard, EluneVision’s Reference Studio 4K material ensures that the effective resolution remains at 1080p, while other (more expensive) competitors degrade the pixel geometry to the point that the effective resolution is no longer even close to 1080p. Also due to the fact that there is zero texturing and perfect preservation of detail clarity, the Reference Studio 4K material will perfectly resolve 4K resolution in both today’s high end and future 4K projectors, saving you a screen upgrade.

To illustrate this point, see the images below, showing the Reference Studio 4K 100 material beside Stewart's (widely considered the gold standard, but a much higher cost), as well as two other more expensive competitors.

The test above clearly shows that EluneVision's material, as well as the much higher priced Stewart Studiotek 100, keeps the pixels in tact, while the other competitors severely degrade the pixel geometry despite being much more expensive than the EluneVision Reference Studio 4K Fixed-Frame screen.

No Sparkles or Graininess - Complete Invisibility of Screen Material
Due to the use of a smooth and near perfect lambertian diffuser material, EluneVision's screen has absolutely no sparkles. The material was purposely engineered to disperse the light evenly in a hemispherical distribution, creating a perfect reproduction, as the director intended. The Reference Studio 4K 100 material will easily pass any of the common sparkle tests, which include fast action bright scenes in movies as well as hockey, football, and other sports. This means that viewer will always see the image displayed on the screen as the projector manufacturer intended, and will never see the annoying imperfections present on competitors’ screen materials.

Moire Free With All Projection Technologies
When an image's pixel pattern does not match that of the textured surface it is displayed on, moire is created. The mismatch causes a wavy, non-uniform, interference pattern which degrades projected image quality and uniformity.

The Reference Studio 4K 100 material completely eliminates this problem because the screen material is 100% texture free, which means that there is no textured surface pattern that could cause the creation of the interference patterns. Furthermore, the Reference Studio 4K 100 material has been tested with LCD, DLP, D-ILA and SXRD projectors to ensure a moire-free picture at various throw distances and viewing angles.

To the left is an example of how moire can impact picture quality. When you zoom in, you see that the competitor's screen creates moire on the woman's dress, causing artifacting patterns that are not supposed to be on the image. Furthermore, the moire pattern also causes discoloration, as green hues are introduced on what is supposed to be a completely blue dress in the competitor's image.

Near-Perfect Lambertian Diffuser Viewing Surface
At EluneVision believes the perfect screen is one where you never notice the screen surface under any conditions. In many poorly designed projection materials, the screen texture and surface will become visible to the viewer, taking away from what is being projected. In order to design a material that can be called Reference, we engineered a material that is a near perfect lambertian diffuser.

The surface of a material exhibits Lambertian reflectance if the viewer sees the same image or brightness regardless of the viewer’s angle. From a more technical perspective, this means the incident light is scattered in all directions equally. A good example of this is an unfinished block of wood, where no matter what angle you view it, the luminance is roughly equal. In contrast, finished wood with a glossy coat of polyurethane exhibits specular highlights, which are areas of brighter luminance when viewing at different angles. While this glossy finish may be beneficial on furniture, it is the cause of numerous problems in projection screens.

Absolutely No Hot Spotting - 100% Screen Transparency
A big problem that you see with all but the best screens is an issue known as hot spotting. Hot spotting results in an area at the center of the screen with high glare and light, surrounded by a comparably darker image at the top, bottom and sides of the screen. As seen below, this results in a very unnatural image. This is not a phenomenon that only cheaper screens suffer from - there are countless examples of significantly more expensive Reference Studio screens from competitors that suffer greatly from hot spotting, serving as a testament to EluneVision’s engineering efforts in perfecting the Reference Studio 4K 100 material quality.

Perfect White Field Uniformity
Reference Studio 4K 100 material provides perfect white field uniformity due to the material’s lambertian diffuser nature. The brightness will be even across the entire screen and there will not be areas of the screen which are brighter or dark to the viewer at any viewing angle. When projecting a pure white scene, the white level will be even from edge to edge, with absolutely no hot-spotting or texturing ,demonstrating a reference level of performance and image quality.

In the image to the left, we see a demonstration of this phenomenon. The top zoom-in shows the competitor's screen versus the EluneVision Reference Studio 4K screen. Note the color shifts that the competitor exhibits, as well as the minimization color shifts of the EluneVision Reference Studio 4K 100 material. This results in the color accuracy of the whites and the reds you see in the EluneVision Reference Studio 4K image.

Colour Neutrality and Accuracy
EluneVision’s new Reference Studio 4K 100 material is designed specifically to achieve the highest level of colour reproduction. To achieve this, the material is designed for a completely neutral colour reproduction. The lambertian diffuser property, in addition to a specially designed white base colour, maintains colour accuracy across the entire colour gamut. Many other projection materials in the market today will exhibit a shift in hue, either to the blue, green or red. This creates an unnatural balance to the colours and will decrease the colour uniformity and vibrancy.

Ultra Wide Viewing Angle
Due to the near perfect lambertian diffuser properties of the Reference Studio 4K 100 material, the viewing angle is a full 180 degrees, allowing seats to be placed off axis without any changes in brightness or white field uniformity. The image on the Reference Studio 4K material is consistent from edge-to-edge at all viewing angles.

To demonstrate this, photos were taken and posted below (the images were not re-touched). The first one shows a projected movie in a front view, while the second shows the movie at fairly extreme side view. Though the user would not normally sit this far off center, the photos below demonstrate the fact that in any way that you decide to arrange seating, the screen will perform with perfection from any view-point. This performance extends to the height and location that you decide to mount the projector. Whether ceiling mounted and centered to the screen, or table mounted to far to the left/right of the screen, the image the screen projects back to the viewer will not degrade.

Fully Opaque Screen Material
The Reference Studio 4K series uses an extremely durable, yet flexible, double layered material. The first layer is consists of the optical viewing surface. The second layer is a fully black material that is opaque to all visible light.

The light absorbing black backing effectively stops light loss through the back of the screen. This results in more of the projected image reflecting back through the audience. With the increase in projected light not only improves contrast levels, colour saturation and brightness, it also allows for the projector to be run at a lower brightness setting, saving precious lamp life. Most projection materials sold today do not have the black backing and many manufactures claim they have opaque material. In reality, when the materials are held up to the sun, the light will pass right through showing the loss of light.

Perfectly Flat Screen Surface
EluneVision Reference Studio 4K Screens use an easy to install snap on pre-calibrated anchor tensioning system. Each side of the frame has 5 to 20 anchors, providing a perfectly flat viewing surface.

The screens use a two-stage tensioning system. The first stage is composed of a frame tensioning system, where anchors are placed at factory calibrated locations along the frame rail to provide the flattest possible screen surface. The Reference Studio 4K series uses no fewer than 20 anchor points to fix the screen material to the frame.

The second stage uses force equalization rods, which are inserted into the perimeter of the material to distribute the tension force evenly across all anchor points. The rods ensure that there is no sagging, creases or V waves in the material.

The Reference Studio 4K two-stage tensioning system means that the screen will be completely flat, and will remain so year after year.

3. Solid and Luxurious Construction

Plush 0.75” Velour Wrapped Aluminum Frames
EluneVision knows that most manufacturers are producing expensive screens with 3” aluminum frames as standard. However, they were never satisfied with matching their competition - they wanted to bring a product that not only has superior performance but also bring a new level of luxury to any home theatre or studio.

The Reference Studio 4K series 0.75” thick velour frames raises the standard of which all fixed frames are compared to, and bring a new level of luxury to any home theater or studio.

High Density Velour Pure Black Finish
During the engineering and design process of the Reference Studio 4K series screens, EluneVision decided that they wanted to improve upon the already excellent velvet frames of the Elara series. The specifications they set forth were to increase light absorption, as well as overall fit and finish. After researching different possible ways to accomplish these two objectives, they found the answer. By using a high density velour material, they achieved an increase of 40%+ in light absorption and managed to achieve a high end, plush and luxurious finish.

Look to the photo on the right, where a more expensive competitor's frame was placed beside the EluneVision frame in a highly light-flooded room - the EluneVision Reference Studio 4K screen absorbed all the light, while the competitor's screen struggled.

Forged Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction
The entire frame on the Reference Studio 4K screens is made from forged aircraft-grade aluminum. The all aluminum construction, in combination with the 0.75” width, means that the screen will not bend or bow under any circumstances. The frames are forged as a single piece and therefore do not have any weak points where it may break or deform under strain.

The 45 degree edges of the frames are cut using an industrial high precision CNC laser cutter, ensuring only the highest precision cuts. This means that the corners line up perfectly, creating a seamless frame with no visible joins at the corners.

Easy Installation
Installing the screen is a snap, literally. With their snap on tension system, your screen will be ready for primetime within 1-2 hours. EluneVision's screens also come with movable mounting brackets which allow greater versatility of where to place the mounting screws. With a few simple tools, you’ll be watching all your favorite movies and sports in no time.

4. Elunecraft's Commitment to Quality and Value

Long Term Durability
A screen is something you want to use for many, many years. It is key to purchase a quality screen so that it will outlast many generations of projector upgrades. The projector’s screen is like a painters canvas - a quality screen is needed to show the full performance of today’s and tomorrow’s projectors. The material itself is extremely strong and cannot be easily torn by hand. The screen material can be cleaned easily with mild soapy water and a sponge.

Performance Equal to the Best
The performance of the Reference Studio 4K series is equal to some of the best purposefully designed HD materials. These include Stewart’s Studiotek 100, 130 and Da-Lite’s JKP Affinity. The Reference Studio 4K 100 material is equal to these material in terms of sharpness, resolution, detail clarity, white field uniformity and viewing angle. The screen also does not suffer from any of the drawbacks such as graininess, texturing and hot spotting that lesser-name screens exhibit.

Five Year Warranty
The EluneVision Reference Studio 4K Fixed-Frame Screen is backed with a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Superior Value
The value of the Reference series is far superior to that of competitors. EluneVision offers the same video performance with much greater quality frames for less than a third the competitors prices. In terms of value and performance, the Reference Studio 4K line stands alone.

  • Product Parts Warranty: 5 Years
  • Product Labour Warranty: 5 Years


Width:96.00 inches
Height:54.00 inches
Depth:0.50 inches
Weight:26.00 pounds