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The Energizer Wi-Fi 6 ft. surge protector use your existing Wi-Fi and is simple and easy to setup. No hub is needed to access your device. You can control and monitor plugged in devices from anywhere and create schedules to turn outlets on/off.

Surge Protectors and Line Conditioners

Surge Protection

Electronic power surges and voltage spikes are caused by a variety of sources such as lightning, refrigerators, fluorescent lights, garage door openers and other appliances, and can cause serious damage to your valuable electronics

A surge protector or line conditioner can give you the protection you need and save all your electronics from a harmful surge or spike. Surge protectors are measured by the number of joules of protection. The higher the joule rating, the more protection for you.

Line Conditioning / Power Conditioning

AC power is inherently unbalanced and the power you get from your wall sockets can often cause hum, buzz or static in your electronics. A line conditioner will "clean" the power in your home and filter out the unwanted noise and interference to give you the best quality sound and picture from your electronic products.