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Sale Ends: July 5, 2022
The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is designed to stand out. With the Ambient Edge blending the camera with the body seamlessly, your Samsung Galaxy is entirely beautiful and fully functional with added battery capacity inside a slim, matte frame.

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Sale Ends: July 3, 2022
Now with silver built in. The CAT S42 H+ has been blended with silver ions to fight the growth of bacteria.

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Sale Ends: July 7, 2022
This phone is a remarkable workhorse. Whether you’re a first-responder or keyworker keeping us safe.

Already have a great plan? Travelling abroad? Lost or broken phone with time left on a contract? Then an unlocked phone is the perfect solution. An unlocked phone is capable of working on multiple carriers in many countries without Hassle. Just purchase a local SIM, pop it in and go! Using an unlocked phone opens the door to many possibilities. The first is increased network compatibility. You can use these phones on just about any network in the world that uses a SIM card. With that you not only avoid expensive Roaming Charges, but you also gain a local number making it easy to stay in touch with new friends or business partners you meet along the way. In addition, some unlocked phones have 2 SIM slots so you can keep your home country's SIM in at all times, and just switch out the travel SIM. THat way you will always receive your messages and calls from home while being able to take advantage of lower local rates with SIM 2. Unlocked phones also have a higher resale value and have a much larger selection of models and styles to choose from.