Insta360 ONE X3 360 Action Camera (CINSAAQ/B)

The new Insta360 X3 features 8K timelapses, 360° Horizon Lock and is waterproof up to 33ft.

Insta360 X3. Magic In Action.



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5.7K 360 Capture

Unleash your creativity.

X3 captures vivid 5.7K 360 video, so you'll never miss the action. With 360 degrees of footage at your fingertips, the creative possibilities are endless.


Dual 1/2" 48MP Sensors

Better sensor, better content

X3's new 1/2" 48MP sensors pack in more pixels for greater clarity and detail, even in low light.

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Shoot first, point later.

Simply mount up, hit record and choose the best angles afterwards, using easy reframing tools in the AI-powered Insta360 app. Share to any social media platform in a tap without losing any quality.


72MP 360 Photos

The most megapixels ever.

The most megapixels ever in a 360 action cam. Capture 360° photos with more detail than ever before.

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360 Active HDR

Bring out the details.

An innovative new HDR mode for stabilized action videos. In tough lighting conditions, Active HDR reveals details in the highlights and shadows that other action cameras miss.


Single-Lens Mode

4K first-person views.

Select a lens to shoot wide-angle footage just like a single-lens action cam. Get maximum resolution with 4K30fps or an extremely wide 170° field of view with 2.7K MaxView. Your first-person view footage has never looked so good.

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Me Mode

See yourself at 60fps.

Try the all-new Me mode which fixes the frame to focus only on you. Capture yourself without the selfie stick at 60fps for epic slow mo. No need to reframe, just keep yourself in frame!


Ready for adventure.


Invisible Selfie Stick

Impossible third-person views.

The Invisible Selfie Stick disappears in your edit, enabling you to capture aerial angles and third-person perspectives that are only possible with a 360 action cam. No drone, no problem!

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Flowstate Stabilization

Steady no matter what.

Bumpy trails and big waves are no match for X3’s leading action cam image stabilization. FlowState keeps your videos smooth no matter what.


360 Horizon Lock

Always level.

Unlock the next level of action cam image stabilization. Whether you're flipping on your paraglider or riding a roller coaster, 360 Horizon Lock always keeps your video level.

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Capture the unexpected.


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Speed up time in glorious 8K.

Take next-level 360 timelapse videos in eye-popping 8K, thanks to X3's larger new sensor.


4K 120FPS Bullet Time

Matrix-level slow mo.

Transport yourself to the Matrix with 4K120fps or 3K180fps slow-mo. Bullet Time looks more cinematic than ever with higher resolution and frame rates.

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Loop Recording

Doubles as a dashcam.

Turn your X3 into a dashcam. X3 will continually record video but only save the final minutes according to your set interval, saving precious space on your memory card.


Faster, easier, better.


Massive Touchscreen

Yep, that's an ultra bright 2.29" touchscreen with robust tempered glass protection. Designed for crystal clear photo and video preview.

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Visions Electronics Logo

Easy Controls + Vibration Feedback

Large, responsive buttons are easy to use, even when on the move or gloved up, with vibration feedback for clear command confirmation.

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Voice Control 2.0

You call the shots. A new voice control algorithm makes it easier to control X3 when your camera is mounted out of reach.

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Faster Transfers

50% faster Wi-Fi transfers compared to X2. Transfer and edit your files faster in the Insta360 app.


Quick Reader

Rapid file transfer.

We all love a timesaver. Grab a Quick Reader to vastly speed up your editing workflow. Plug in to the camera, transfer files, and edit directly on your phone.

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IPX8 Waterproof to 33ft

A water lover's action cam.

Take X3 down to 33ft (10m) straight out of the box. Grab the Dive Case for seamless stitching of your underwater 360 footage down to 164ft (50m).


Rugged Build

Tough as nails.

A 360 action cam that can take a bit of punishment. X3 has you covered with tough, tempered glass for the touchscreen, plus the option of Sticky Lens Guards for extra lens protection.

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1800mAh Battery

Power through the action with the new 1800mAh battery, now with more capacity.

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Upgraded Audio

4 mics and an advanced new algorithm ensure X3’s audio is crisp, natural and balanced. With the upgraded Direction Focus mode, reframe your video and have the audio follow the action.


Editing made easy.


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Snap Wizard

The easiest way to reframe.

Simply move your phone to point the camera where you want in your shot. Super easy, and pretty darn cool!


Deep Track 2.0

Always stay in frame.

Pick a person, animal or other moving object in your shot and AI will keep them in-frame and centered.

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Photo Animator

Transform your photos.

Turn static 360 photos into animated videos in a tap with the Photo Animator. With AI facial recognition and preset effects, the app will animate your photos for you.


Auto Frame

Let AI find the best shots.

Not sure what to focus on? Auto Frame finds the best parts of your 360 videos for you, giving you a range of reframed clips to choose from.

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Shot Lab

One-tap magic.

Shot Lab is the perfect tool for creating fun short videos for your social media! Just pick and choose from our large collection of Shot Lab templates and follow some simple instructions. Then let the AI do the rest! It’s guaranteed to make your audience go "Wow!".

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Your AI storyteller.

Create amazing videos with one tap! Pick a theme you like from FlashCut and then the clips you want the AI to edit together. FlashCut also mixes your clips to dance with the beat, giving your content that extra oomph!

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Insta360 Studio

Fine tune your edits.

Take your 360 editing skills to the next level. Use Insta360 Studio and all the tools it provides to make your videos stand out. Keyframing and 360 editing tools will help you create the content of your dreams, with no quality loss!

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360 Live Streaming

Share live moments.

Give your audience the freedom of choice! Just set X3 down and start streaming in 360. Live stream everything around you and let your audience take it all in.


Webcam Mode

Conference ready.

Who says you have to sit next to each other during an online meeting? Webcam mode captures everyone in 360. No more huddling in front of a tiny webcam to fit in!

*Coming soon in a post-launch firmware update.

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The ultimate 360 action cam.

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Key Features

  • Image Sensor - 1/2" 48MP
  • Photo Resolution -72MP, 18MP
  • Video Resolution 360:
    • 5.7K@30/25/24fps
    • 4K@60/30fps
  • Video Resolution Single-Lens Capture:
    • 4K@30/25/24fps
    • 3.6K@60/50/30/25/24fps
    • 2.7K@60/50/30/25/24fps
    • 1080p@60/50/30/25/24fps
  • Impossible shooting -A 4:5 Instagram post can be turned into a 9:16 TikTok video in a tap without losing any quality
  • Boosted image quality -1/2" 48MP sensors deliver big resolution and image quality improvements; Captures 8K 360 timelapses
  • Action ready -FlowState stabilization -360° Horizon Lock; Waterproof to 33ft (10m) out of the box.
  • Easy operation
    • A 2.29” tempered glass touchscreen for intuitive settings adjustments and previews.
    • Four buttons make it easy to control your shot even when gloved up.
    • Direction Focus audio ensures the audio follows the action, even when you reframe.
    • A mighty new 1800mAh battery keeps the camera powered through the action.
    AI-powered editing


More Information
More Information
Product Parts Warranty1 Year Limited
Product Labour Warranty1 Year Limited
Height (in.)2.28
Depth (in.)4.37
Weight (lbs)0.39
Width (in.)9.06
What's Included

•Insta360 X3
•Charging Cable
•Protective Pouch
•Lens cloth
Insta360 ONE X3 360 Action Camera