Soundstage C500.1 500 Watts RMS at 2 Ohms Mono Amplifier (C5001)

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Features include 12dB Lowpass Crossover, 12dB Subsonic Filter, 18dB Variable Bass Boost at 45Hz, Class A/B Output Section, PWM Power Supply, Signal Sensing Auto-Turn On (High Level Only), Auxiliary Output for External Amplifiers and more.

Features include 12dB Lowpass Crossover, 12dB Subsonic Filter, 18dB Variable Bass Boost at 45Hz, Tried and True Class A/B Output Section, Unregulated PWM Power Supply, Signal Sensing Auto-Turn On (High Level Input Only), Auxiliary Output for External Amplifiers, Optional Bass Remote Control and Fan Cooling System.

What is different about a C series build quality compared to other amplifiers?

Every C series amplifier features an SMT circuit board which is rarely found on economical amplifiers. This provides much higher quality solder connections/process which means better stability and mechanical performance under vibration and shaking conditions compared to cheap single sided circuit boards. In car, boat or even motorcycle it’s only a matter of time until the single sided circuit board breaks down due to the elements and vibrations, while a SMT circuit board will outlast the vehicle.

In addition, SMT parts are also smaller which allows for much better circuit board layout options. For example, we can place components much closer together to reduce unwanted effects of RF and provide more predictable very high frequency response.

How are the C amplifiers rated in terms of power?

Soundstage believes in conservative RMS or Continuous power ratings. You will not find misleading or inflated maximum or peak ratings on our amplifiers. So be careful you are comparing apples to apples for power ratings.

How conservative or underrated are the amplifier power ratings?

On average, a C series will make 5 to 15% more than its rating. So you are always guaranteed to get more power than you paid for. We do not overrate or use max/peak power ratings.

Do the amplifiers include birth certificates?

Yes, a birth certificate is included to verify the amplifier will exceed its rating.

Do C series amplifiers run hot?

C series are A/B amplifiers, physics dictates that for A/B amplifiers 50% of the energy they take in from your electrical system will be turned into heat. (That’s why amplifiers have heatsinks.) So, at times they will run warm, that’s normal. But we have a few ways to keep operating temperatures low, not typically found on economic amplifiers.

C series amplifier heatsinks have 10% more mass than most economical amplifiers. In addition, they feature fan cooling systems to help dissipate heat. Finally, the C300.4 uses a special thermal rollback circuit, so the amplifier can adjust the power output according to the heatsink temperature keep your music playing even in the most difficult applications.

More Information
More Information
Total Max Power (Car Amplifiers)500 Watts
# of Channels1
2 ohm Power Output500 W RMS x 1
4 ohm Power Output300W x1 RMS
Bass Boost (Car Amplifiers)0 to +18 dB
External Bass Control Capable (Car Amplifiers)Included
Fuse Rating60A
High Pass Filter (Car Amplifiers)Yes
Input Voltage (Car Amplifiers)Variable
Low Pass Filter (Car Amplifiers)Yes
Signal-to-Noise Ratio≥100 dB
Smart Engage Turn On (Car Amplifiers)Yes
Frequency Response (Car Amplifiers)± 1dB from 20Hz to 400H
Product Labour Warranty1 Year Limited
Product Parts Warranty1 Year Limited
Width (in.)7.1
Height (in.)1.9
Depth (in.)15.5
Weight (lbs)10
Soundstage C500.1 500 Watts RMS at 2 Ohms Mono Amplifier