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Insta360 ONE X3 - Sticky Lens Guards (CINSBAQE)
Model #: CINSBAQE|Manufacturer#: 266836|UPC #: 842126103858

The Insta360 X3 Sticky Lens Guards protect both of your camera lenses from scratches and dust.


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Insta360 X3

Sticky Lens Guards

Sticks directly on the lens for secure protection.

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Protection for both your lenses.

Keeps lenses safe from dust or scratches.

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How to Use

  • It's important to distinguish the front and back for correct use of the Lens Guard. The thinner guard should be placed on the side with the camera screen, with the thicker guard placed on the opposite side.
  • Carefully apply the Lens Guard (with included double-sided adhesive) onto the X3 lens. Make sure the notch on the rim of the lens guard is correctly aligned with the rim of the lens. Hold for 15 seconds to ensure it is firmly attached. Failure to do this may result in negative effects on shooting results or splash-proofing. Repeat this process for both sides.
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Additional Information

  • Material-Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
  • Before use, make sure that the camera's lens is clean and dry. Always install the Lens Guard in a clean and dry environment. Check carefully for dust or other particles, as these may affect shooting results.
  • Prior to installing, ensure that the thin guard is installed on the side with the camera screen, with the thick guard used for the opposite side.
  • If you remove the Lens Guard from X3, apply a new double-sided adhesive before re-installing the Lens Guard.
  • The Sticky Lens Guard is only splash-proof and is not designed for underwater shooting. If you are planning to use the X3 underwater, remove the Sticky Lens Guard and use the X3 Dive Case for best results.
  • To remove the Lens Guards, please use the included Triangle Prying Tool. Take care not to scratch the camera lenses as you remove the Lens Guards.
  • To change the double-sided adhesives, first remove the used double-sided adhesives and be sure that the inside of the Lens Guard is clean and has no residue. Repeat the installation process, ensuring the notch on the rim of the Lens Guard is correctly aligned.


•2x Sticky Lens Guard
•6x Double-sided Adhesive*
•1x Triangle Prying Tool
•1x Lens Cloth
*The Lens Guards come with double-sided adhesives already attached.
  • Product Parts Warranty: 3 Months
  • Product Labour Warranty: 3 Months


Width:1.37 inches
Height:0.43 inches
Depth:1.37 inches
Weight:0.01 pounds