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Elunevision Reference EVO (2.35:1 Aspect Ratio) 120" 8K Motorized Tab Tensioned Projector Screen (EV8KTC31202351)
Model #: EV8KTC31202351|UPC #: 793869852766

Specifically designed to work with the latest 1080p, 4K and even 8K projectors, the Reference 8K EVO was engineered to make the most out of your movies by enhancing colors and delivering perfect pixel accuracy.

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Reference EVO 8K Motorized Tab Tensioned

Introducing EluneVision's all new Reference EVO 8K Projection Screen

Specifically designed to work with the latest 1080p, 4K and even 8K projectors, the Reference 8K EVO was engineered to make the most out of your movies by enhancing colors and delivering perfect pixel accuracy.

A material comprising multiple layers of excellence, the EVO 8K provides even light diffusion for perfect image viewing from all angles along with a completely neutral white balance for picture-perfect color reproduction.

Reference 8K EVO gives you 500% more contrast than regular screens

If you have already spent thousands of dollars on a 8K projector, why not get the premier 8K projection screen on the market to get the ultimate experience for your home. With perfect color reproduction and a wide range of viewing angles, and producing higher contrast allowing you to bring your home theater to the next level!

Reference EVO 8K Brings Your Movies to Life

The brightest colors you’ve ever seen on a screen. That’s what you get when you include Reference EVO 8K in your theater. Boasting excellent performance in every aspect, the Reference EVO is the standard for all screen materials for years to come. With an invisible micro-texture nano-lensing and a wide viewing angle, Reference EVO 8K is a screen that puts all contenders to shame.

Neutral White Balance. Perfect Color Every Time

Imagine a perfect canvas in where you can paint your every dream. That’s what our Reference EVO 8K 1.0 white gain material is like. With this perfect base, your colors appear brighter and more vivid than with regular screens. The neutral color balance means no color shifting, that is, the color you see on the screen will be identical to the source.

Even Light Diffusion for a Perfect Image from Any Angle

We believe the best screen should be invisible. That’s why we’ve engineered our screen material to act as a near-perfect Lambertian diffuser. This means that your screen will evenly reflect light, making the screen virtually invisible to the audience. By evenly reflecting light with vibrant luminance from every angle, Reference EVO 8K guarantees a perfect reproduction with no sparkling, graininess, or color distortions.

Nano-Lensing Screen Surface. Engineered to be Invisible.

When projecting an image or video, every little bump and detail will show, effectively decreasing image resolution and sharpness. Elunevision has dedicated years of research to develop a screen material that boasts a super-smooth nano texture that's virtually invisible.

Seamless Integration with your Smart Home System

Your home automation system controls everything around your house, so why should your Home Theater be any different. By including a motorized screen into your household you will be able to manage and control everything from your favorite control system. Our motorized units feature a conventional 12V trigger that can be used on other devices as well.

Enjoy the Benefits of Precision Engineering

The screen material is rolled onto a large diameter roller tube, making the screen surface flatter, as there is less curvature in the material when it is rolled up, versus the much smaller roller tubes commonly employed by most other screen manufacturers. It ensures that the screen surface is wrinkle-free and without any distortions to create the ideal surface for the movie to be projected upon.

Savour the Experience of Cinematic Perfection

The thrill of the the latest action movie. The seduction of a fine art-house classic. The chill of a creepy thriller. The art of the cinema is only truly known when you are able to let go of reality and slip into another world. Let the lights and sounds envelop you and transport you across time and space.

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