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Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Intensity Plus Massage Lounger (EP30004K)
Model #: EP30004K|UPC #: 885170070721

Experience realistic massage therapist techniques with the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra massage lounger which accurately simulates stroking with the palm of hand, pressing with the heel of the hand, kneading with thumbs and pressure with thumbs.

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Experience realistic massage therapist techniques using new “JUNETSU” (a Panasonic exclusive) ultra fine kneading.

•New soothing grasp and closed fist massage for neck and shoulders. EP30004K
•New flexible ottoman (accommodates height).
•4 Types of pre-programmed massages (15 minutes)
•Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep, Arm & Leg stretch.
•Auto body scanning system.
•200 square inches of back massage coverage.
•296 square inches of air massage.
•22 air bags (Soles of feet, calves, seat, arm/hand).
•Variable speed & intensity control for ultimate massage precision.
•Quick “refresher” massage (5 minutes).
•Customizable self-program massage.
•Voice guidance system.
•4 person / 6 program memory.
•High-quality synthetic leather.

Realistic Massage Therapist Techniques
Using 2 or 4 firm rubber massage heads, the Panasonic Swede-Atsu Wave™ and Real Pro Ultra™ massage loungers accurately simulate stroking with the palm of hand, pressing with the heel of the hand, kneading with thumbs and pressure with thumbs.


Three Way Foot Massager
Use the lever to massage your calves or plantar regions with air to eliminate fatigue.

Professional Foot And Calf Massage
Complete foot and calf massage includes soles of feet, front of calves and calf muscles, which increases circulation and reduces swelling.

Panasonic massage chairs are the first chairs to be approved by the American Chiropractic Association.


Allows for a complete, contoured lower body massage.

Arms: Air bag massage to hands, wrist & forearms

Calves/Shins: Kneading and loosening of the shins and calf muscles
Feet: Upward pressure is applied using air bags for ultimate relief

Lower Back/Hips/Thighs: The stretch massage function helps to alleviate stiffness in lower back, hips & thighs

Thighs: Applies pressure to the muscles in the thighs, which relieves tightness and tension while increasing blood circulation.
  • Product Parts Warranty: 3 Years
  • Product Labour Warranty: 5 Years


Width:33.11 inches
Height:47.20 inches
Depth:50.00 inches
Weight:181.00 pounds


Width:33.11 inches
Height:28.31 inches
Depth:76.81 inches
Weight:181.00 pounds