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EluneVision Elara 92" NanoEdge 16:9 with 1.2 Gain Fixed Frame Projector Screen (EVN9212)
Model #: EVN9212
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Building a professional home theater has never been as easy and cost effective as with EluneVision Elara NanoEdge fixed frame screens.

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Design and Affordability

The Elara NanoEdge fixed-frame screen series, featuring an ultra-thin 0.4" high-density velour thin frame, ideal for giving the maximum performance and fashionable look. The screen material is a triple-layered, fiberglass-enforced screen material, allowing the screen to last years of enjoyment. Designed with quality, performance and value in mind, even those are on a tight budget can create a high quality home theater setup with EluneVision Elara NanoEdge series. LED lighting kits are available and sold separately.

Plush 0.4" Velour Wrapped Aluminum Frames

The ultra-modern sleek contour of the screen elevates the decor of any room that the screen is placed in. This makes the screen the centerpiece of any room and a highlight topic of conversation for all your viewers and guests. The very thin NanoEdge bezel and the optional LED lights behind the screen (Sold separately), with its large variety of colours and soft glow, complement the mood and style of any decor. The combination of all the NanoEdge features as well as the unbeatable performance of the Elara Cinema White 1.2 material transforms your projection setup into a high-performance home theater with unparalleled performance and aesthetics.

High Density Ultra-Black Velvet-Covered Aluminum Frames

Rich and elegant velvet covered aluminum frames means that any overscan from your projector is perfectly absorbed and not reflected. Our screens create a surrounding black frame that gives more punch to the projected image. Tight manufacturing tolerances also mean that the screen corners join together perfectly without seams.

The Elara NanoEdge series frames have the blackest and finest velvet finish that adds a feeling elegance and luxury to any home theater or commercial setup. The velvet however is not just for looks. It serves a crucial function called screen blanking.

Screen blanking is the removal and elimination of light which bleeds onto the border of the screen frame, thus creating a perfect image. Despite the best efforts by professional installers or DIYers, it is virtually impossible to make the projected image fit perfectly. A projected image will always stray toward the screen edge. What is required is a screen edge that can absorb this light and make it invisible.

The Elara NanoEdge screens, with lush velvet frames, are the answer to this problem. The velvet absorbs any stray light, thus creating a perfectly black image frame to improve both contrast and corner sharpness

Triple-Layered, Fiberglass-Enforced Screen Material

The Elara series uses an extremely durable heavy duty, triple layered material. The first layer is consists of the optical viewing surface, which is available in any one of our five materials. The second layer is a thick fiberglass layer giving the material strength and durability. The last layer is a fully black material that is opaque to all visible light.

At 1mm thick the middle fiberglass layer is extremely strong and resilient. This means that material is extremely resistant to having creases or folds and will easily last a life time. Not many manufacturers are using such thick material due to cost and most materials in the marketplace today will be paper thin and can be easily punctured with even a pencil.

The light absorbing black backing effectively stops light loss through the back of the screen. This results in more of the projected image reflecting back through the audience. With the increase in projected light not only improves contrast levels, colour saturation, and brightness, it also allows for the projector to be run at a lower brightness setting, saving precious lamp life. Most projection materials sold today do not have the black backing and many manufactures claim they have opaque material. In reality, when the materials are held up to the sun, the light will pass right through showing the loss of light.

Easy Installation

EluneVision Elara NanoEdge fixed frame screens come with step by step picture instructions that are precise and clear. Typically, all you need is floor space and 45 minutes to assemble our screens. We try to make it as easy and as hassle free as possible to assemble our products.

Elara series includes wall brackets which allow you to install the screen safely and easily by hanging the screen much like a large picture frame. The wall brackets are kept out of sight behind the screen and the screen is held less than an inch from the wall.

Perfectly Flat Screen Surface

EluneVision Elara NanoEdge Screens use a screw anchor tensioning system. Each side of the frame has 5 to 20 screw anchors allowing the tension to be finely adjusted to get a perfectly flat viewing surface.

The screens use a 2 stage tensioning system. The first stage is composed of a frame tensioning system, where screw anchors are used to fine tune the amount of force required to pull the material perfectly flat. The Elara NanoEdge series uses no fewer than 20 anchor points to fix the screen material to the frame.

The second stage uses force equalization rods, which are inserted into the perimeter of the material to distribute the tension force evenly across all anchor points. The rods ensure that there is no sagging, creases or V waves in the material.

The Elara NanoEdge two-stage tensioning system means that the screen will be completely flat, and will remain so year after year.
  • Product Parts Warranty: 5 Year Limited
  • Product Labour Warranty: 5 Year Limited

EluneVision Elara 92" NanoEdge 16:9 with 1.2 Gain Fixed Frame Projector Screen (EVN9212)