Panasonic Full Body Heated Massage Chair with Shiatsu Sole Rollers and 9 Auto Programs - Black (EPMAF1K)

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Full body heated massage chair with shiatsu sole rollers. Includes 9 Automatic and 9 Manual programs, powered with an advanced Auto Body Scanning, for ultimate relaxation.

Panasonic Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-MAF1K Massage Chair


  • Provides a full-body massage from your neck and shoulders to the soles of your feet
  • Offers a sole massage inspired by professional masseuses
  • Simulates professional massage, shiatsu and tapping techniques
  • Replicates the warmth of human touch through heated massage heads
  • Includes a controller with full color LCD screen for excellent visibility and usability

Unwind with a full-body massage that hits the right spots.

Heated massage heads massage your neck, shoulders, and lower back with fine, precise movements that simulate the human hand. Sole rollers massage deeply into the arches of the feet. Experience full-body relaxation that gets everything just right.

Panasonic Massage Chair


Soothe away the day's fatigue with a full-body massage.

Simply relax your tired body and let the massage chair take over, relieving your tension with a total massage of your neck and shoulders, lower back, arms, thighs, calves, and soles of your feet.

Panasonic Massage Chair


Gentle air bags hold your body firmly for an effective full-body massage.

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Neck and shoulders

Massage heads reach deep into stiff neck and shoulder muscles and around your shoulder blades as air bags hold your shoulders in place.

Panasonic Massage Chair

Lower back and buttocks

Air bags hold your pelvis as massage heads knead deeply from your lower back to your glutes.


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Air bags grasp and massage your entire limb, from palm to upper arm relieving and relaxing your muscles.

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Legs and soles of the feet

Air bags hold your calves firmly as sole rollers massage deeply into the arches of your feet.


Relieve fatigued feet and swollen legs.

Beginning with your soles, tired feet that are heavy, sore or swollen are kneaded with a firm motion that breaks up knots and makes your body feel lighter all over.

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Deep foot massage created to simulate the feeling of professional experience.

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Soothing sole massage

Air bags enclose and hold your foot as sole rollers massage continuously, focusing on the arches.

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Sole kneading massage

Air bags stabilize your foot as sole rollers knead back and forth to loosen up your arches


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Soothe your entire soles

Air bags gently rock left and right, allowing rollers to massage your soles from the inner arches to the outer foot, releasing tension in your arches.

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Sole Shiatsu

External air bags hold your foot from above, while sole rollers with protrusions firmly push into your inner arches.


A heated massage provides you with the ultimate relaxation.

Panasonic analyzed every aspect of professional massage techniques and replicated variations in pressure and patterns. Channeling warmth through the massage heads delivers a luxurious experience that feels as if it were performed by expert hands.

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Replicating the motions and warmth of human hands.

Panasonic Massage Chair

Massuese-like movements

Panasonic has simulated the massage, shiatsu, tapping, stroking and stretching movements and rhythms of veteran massage experts. The chair senses your body shape to pinpoint accurate massage locations to deliver precise movements and dissolve tension and fatigue.

Feel a human touch with heated massage hands

Massage heads are equipped with integrated heating elements that gradually release penetrating warmth, while pressure is applied to deliver a relaxing rocking motion to your upper body. The overall experience recreates the warmth and touch of human hands.

Panasonic Massage Chair

Panasonic Massage Chair

Easy to see, easy to use controller

The chair controller is conveniently equipped with a large colour LCD screen and raised buttons for one-touch accessibility. Your selections for massage technique, pinpointing location and pressure settings are all available at your fingertips for a customized experience and enabling simple, smooth adjustments.


Features & Specifications

  • 2 Massage Heads
  • 3D Massage, Heated Massage
  • High Quality Synthetic Leather
  • Touch Screen LCD with Remote Control
  • Acupoint Technology, Foot/Leg Massage, Shiatsu Sole Roller, Hand/Arm Massage
  • Air bag stretch - Shoulder, Leg and air bag massage - Shoulder, Hand/Arm, Pelvis, Leg/Foot
  • 9 Auto Programs - Deep, Swedish, Refresh, Quick, Neck/Sholder, Lower Back, Legs, Stretch, Air
  • 7 Massage techniques - Neck Shiatsu, Neck Knead, Knead, Roll, Tap, Swedish, Stretch
  • Auto Body Scanning System, Adjustable Ottoman length, Variable intensity control
  • Power consumption - 3.0A
  • Power cord - 1.8m - 3 Prong, grounded (Detachable)
  • Power switch, Safety lockout (key) and Auto Shut-off (after 15 minutes)
More Information
More Information
Product Parts Warranty3 Years
Product Labour Warranty5 Years
Height (in.)47.24
Depth (in.)51.18
Weight (lbs)161
Width (in.)26.77
Weight 2 (lbs)161
Width 2 (in.) 26.77
Height 2 (in.)29.53
Depth 2 (in.)78.74
Panasonic Full Body Heated Massage Chair with Shiatsu Sole Rollers and 9 Auto Programs - Black