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DJ Gear / DJ Equipment

Are you dreaming of being a big name in DJ’ing such as The Chainsmokers or Tiesto? Or just being the hit of your friend’s party? Are you looking to broadcast your music and mixes over the Internet, or are you wanting regular work able to pay the bills? Whatever your ambitions as a DJ, you will need some DJ Gear in order to make your dreams happen.

What DJ Are You?

The “Bedroom DJs” - These are the ones who are playing at home in the studio or at a friend’s house. They might be broadcasting their music and mixes over the internet or just being a hobbyist. Either way, they are typically being a DJ for fun, not for profit. This DJ is probably looking for some entry level DJ Equipment, perhaps a DJ controller and some headphones.
The “Mobile DJs” – These are the ones who are playing at wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, and corporate events. This is a way to make some money being a DJ, and have some fun as well. This type of DJ is usually looking for some mid priced DJ Gear. If this is you, you might want to look at a DJ controller with some extra features, a turntable, and perhaps some studio monitor speakers.
The “Sports/college bar” DJs– These are the ones who reside on Friday or Saturday nights playing the top hits with a mixed variety of music from Rock to Rap to House music. These DJ’s are usually going to have a pretty large library of songs and will be taking requests, and are a little more serious and are using their DJ equipment to make more money.
The “Mainstream club or Underground club DJ” –These are the ones who are moving up the ladder from playing smaller bars to the clubs. These guys may be making a full time living from being a DJ, and are going to need some quality DJ equipment. These DJ’s are looking for pretty full featured controllers, the works!

Different Types of DJ Gear and Equipment

DJ Digital Controllers

DJ digital controllers aim to emulate the traditional mixer/turntable/CD turntable set up. The use of DJ digital controllers with DJ software allows for smaller, more mobile sound systems. Usually, the use of a DJ digital controller frees the DJ from having to transport more expensive, fragile, heavier, analog equipment. With the use of the controllers there is no need to use CDs or records. This is particularly beneficial to mobile disc jockeys who are increasingly using computer-based equipment for this particular reason. An advantage of controllers is that the processing power of the computer can be used to manipulate the sound, giving a wide range of effects and sampling options.


Even with the use of controllers above, there are still times you want to use a turntable. If so, look for a quality turntable that will stand up to some serious use.

Studio Monitors:

Whether you’re recording, editing, mixing, or mastering audio, your studio monitors will ultimately determine how well your project translates to headphones, car audio systems, TVs, and wherever else your work may be listened to.

DJ Headphones

A decent pair of DJ headphones is vital to ensure your mixes are cued up on time and at the right volume. DJ Headphones are designed to block out lots of external noise to help you hear the next track in the headphones without it being drowned out by the noise in the club or bar.