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Well-priced with the essential features to start saving you up to 23%* annually on heating and cooling. Connect to SmartSensor (sold separately) for better comfort in the rooms that matter most.

SAVE $79 (24%)
Sale Ends: July 7, 2022
Control your lights, shades and temperature from anywhere using the free app with your Android, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Replace existing light switches with smart dimmers in minutes and enjoy convenient control of your lights .

SAVE $24 (22%)
Sale Ends: July 7, 2022
The Caseta Wireless in-wall dimmer controls lighting automatically through wireless sensors and the Pico remote control.

Extend your smart home outdoors with this weather-resistant smart outdoor plug. Power on your patio lights, holiday decorations, and more from the convenience of your phone.

Sync your smart lights to the content on your TV screen with the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box. Four HDMI ports allow you to connect your media devices to your Hue setup, resulting in a fast, seamless display of colorful smart light.

SAVE $26 (21%)
Sale Ends: July 7, 2022
For outdoor control of plugged-in string lights, holiday lights, small motors, and more.

Create the right ambiance with help from your smartphone. These Escape bulbs are dimmable so you can create your ideal lighting mood. Control right from your iOS or Android mobile device using SmartLife app. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Create the perfect accent lightning to compliment your home. Works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to give you hands-free voice control over your devices. 2 Meters in length + 1 Meter Extension LED Strip (Total 3 Meters).

Simply plug in and get the style of the Lily spot with a larger, more powerful light still in a low-voltage fixture.

Experience the thrill of the theater at home with the Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip. Get multiple colors of light that react to the content on your screen. Attach to 75” and larger wall-mounted or standing TVs with the included mounts.

In-Store Only
Most people leave the house at one temperature and forget to change it. So the Google Nest Learning Thermostat learns your schedule, and programs itself. The Nest Thermostat can lower your heating and cooling bills up to 20%.

Available in-store, and only with professional install. Ask one of our friendly and helpful staff members for more information
Learns and adapts to your schedule and delivers comfort where it counts with included SmartSensor.

SAVE $50 (28%)
Sale Ends: July 14, 2022
Meet the Nest Thermostat. It can turn down when you leave so that you save energy. Easily program the Nest Thermostat in the app, adjust the temperature with a swipe. Control the temperature of your home using your voice. Just ask Google.

SAVE $22 (25%)
Sale Ends: July 7, 2022
In-Store Only
Control the dimness of up to two lamps with the plug-in lamp dimmer and Pico remote control.

*Quantities are limited on this item. Please check with your local store for availability.
In-Store Only
Convert your traditional 3-way switches to smart ones and control the connected lights from anywhere.

*Quantities are limited on this item. Please check with your local store for availability.

16 - 30 of 126 results
/ 9