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Hear the Difference Premium Speaker Wire Makes

The speaker wire you use can have a noticeable impact on the sound quality of your system and choosing from the available options can sometimes be confusing. Here are some things to consider when choosing speaker wire:

Distance from Amp to Speaker

This not only tells you how much speaker wire you will need, it also can affect what thickness or gauge of speaker wire you will need. Standard 16 gauge wire works great in distances less than 50 ft but anything more than that and you will have to upgrade to 14 gauge speaker wire or bigger to avoid signal loss.

Type of Speaker Wire

Speaker Cables

Designed to give your home theatre system a definite improvement in performance compared to using the speaker cables that come in the box with your equipment. Basic speaker wire is usually 16 gauge, insulated copper wire.

Subwoofer Cables

Designed to handle the low frequencies produced by subwoofers, these speaker cables use a solid-core conductor to ensure tighter bass and less interference.

Optical Digital Audio Cables

Primarily used to connect audio equipment like: Audio receivers, DVD players, SACD players SAT top boxes and cable boxes or any audio equipment that would utilize this type of connection.

Optical cables are a must-have for any audio enthusiasts. Constructed of a High-Purity optical grade fiber, it offers an excellent signal transmission. The manufacturing process employs a sophisticated lens-polishing to make the clearest end possible. Micro convex ends are added to highly focus the beam of light. These techniques result in minimal error even with a highly distorted signal.