Alpine 7" Ultra-Shallow Digital Multimedia Receiver with PowerStack (ILXW670)


Revitalize your car's dashboard with the Alpine iLX-W670. Digital Multimedia Receiver that not only adds a touch of style but transforms your driving experience. 


Alpine iLX-W670 Double-DIN 7" Digital Multimedia Receiver

Revitalize your car's dashboard with the Alpine iLX-W670, a Double-DIN 7? Digital Multimedia Receiver that not only adds a touch of style but transforms your driving experience. This multimedia receiver, renowned for its cutting-edge features, takes your audio journey to new heights. Let's explore why the iLX-W670 is a game-changer in the world of car entertainment.

Sonic Enhancements
Building upon the success of its predecessor, the iLX-W650, the iLX-W670 introduces sonic enhancements for a more ear-friendly experience. With a focus on bass management, this multimedia receiver delivers a powerful and immersive sound that elevates your in-car entertainment.

Seamless Phone Integration
Stay connected on the road with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone integration. The iLX-W670 seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, offering features like messaging, mapping, and music selection. Activate voice commands easily by speaking a keyword or using the dedicated "Voice" button on the stereo's bezel.

Installation Flexibility: Fit and Functionality
The iLX-W670's shallow chassis design allows it to fit seamlessly into a wide array of dashes, offering versatility in installation. Whether you have a standard setup or prefer to amplify your audio with Alpine's slender KTA-450 or KTA-200M power pack amplifiers, the iLX-W670 ensures a snug fit without compromising on performance.

In-Car Control: CarPlay and Android Auto
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make essential functions easy to control, with large, familiar app icons and easy-to-read text on a clutter-free background. The external microphone included in the package enables voice commands, allowing you to make calls, compose texts, select tunes, and navigate without distraction.

Alpine Audio Excellence: Sound and Visual Appeal
Alpine doesn't just stop at aesthetics; the iLX-W670 is loaded with a 13-band graphic EQ, 6-channel time correction, and versatile crossovers for front, rear, and sub channels. The Sound Boost menu introduces expanded controls for Bass Boost and Mid-Bass Boost, alongside tools for directing your sub. If you have Alpine's PrismaLink enclosed subs, you can even control their lighting for a visually stunning experience.

Entertainment Expansion: SiriusXM and More
The iLX-W670 is SiriusXM-ready, allowing you to add a satellite radio tuner for endless entertainment on the go. Additionally, it features a rear audio/video auxiliary input for connecting other entertainment sources. The convenient camera input assists you in navigating tight parking spots with ease.

Steering Wheel Control Compatibility
Looking to retain control at your fingertips? The iLX-W670 is compatible with steering wheel controls through Maestro and Metra SWC adapters, providing an enhanced driving experience with easy access to essential functions.

Bluetooth Integration: Hands-Free Convenience
Bluetooth hands-free calling and audio streaming are seamlessly integrated into the iLX-W670. The external microphone ensures crystal-clear communication, allowing you to stay connected without compromising safety.

More Information
More Information
Product Labour Warranty1 Year Limited
Product Parts Warranty1 Year Limited
Width (in.)6
Height (in.)9
Depth (in.)9
Weight (lbs)3.5
Alpine 7" Ultra-Shallow Digital Multimedia Receiver with PowerStack