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Money Back Extended Service Plans

Money Back Extended Service Plans!More, Better, Longer Product Protection and You Get Your Money Back!
Our Full Coverage Plans, designed to be the most comprehensive in the consumer electronics industry, were created to give you 100% security. There is little that can happen to your purchase that would not be covered by Visions Full Coverage Plan.* These plans also provide you with many other exclusive benefits that are unavailable elsewhere such as the following:

We'll Pay You Back!
At the end of the term, if your Visions Full Coverage Extended Service Plan was not required for repairs, the premium paid can be applied to your next purchase up to a maximum of 50% of the new purchase price.** We are the only electronics company in Canada who offers this service! All you have to do is complete the online form below and your rebate will be sent out to you. There is no reason not to protect your purchase! If you don’t have any repairs, you will get the full amount you paid for your service plan back to use on your next purchase! ***

Last year alone, Visions Electronics customers received over 10 million dollars in warranty rebates!

Pre-Budgeted Repairs!
You'll never have to worry about an expensive repair bill for as long as you're covered under the Full Coverage Plan!

Country Wide Protection!
Visions Full Coverage warranty service is available throughout Canada! No problem if you move!

Inflation Protection!
The price for your Visions Full Coverage Plan is based on today's labour rates - eliminates the worry of rapidly increasing costs of parts and labour!

Fully Transferable!
Your Visions Full Coverage Plan is transferable to a new owner - this makes a private sale easy and also increases the value of your purchase!

No Extra Expenses!
All parts and labour are covered and you never pay a deductible!

There is little that can happen to your purchase that would not be covered by Visions Full Coverage Plan.

Of course, we do ask that you exercise proper care in the use and storage of your purchase. Visions Full Coverage Extended Service Plan does not cover abuse of the product, damage caused by external substances (sand, water, etc.), “burn-in”, or physical damage. Visions Extended Service Plan also does not cover cosmetic damage, or wear. Consumable items such as batteries, lamps, etc are also not covered under the Extended Service Plan.

*Purchases using a Warranty Rebate have a minimum purchase requirement equal to double the value of the rebate before taxes. (eg. A $50 rebate must be used on a $100 purchase or greater before taxes.)

*Rebates must be redeemed within 1 year after the expiration of the ESP.

*Rebates cannot be combined with any other rebate or offer and is an one-time-only credit.

To submit a request for a warranty rebate, please fill out the form below.

Once you have received your credit letter email, you can go to any Visions location and let the staff there know you have a rebate to use. They will gladly assist you! Congratulations on receiving your Extended Service Plan rebate credit!

Please note: Your Extended Service Plan must be expired for at least 30 days (to ensure no claim is made against your warranty) prior to filling out this form. If your Extended Service Plan has not expired yet, and you have already submitted a request, you will need to resubmit your request no less than 30 days after your warranty has expired.

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