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Twice the Price Protection!

Visions Electronics offers the best price protection guarantee in the business, period!

You can shop with confidence knowing that your purchase price is protected for up to 60 Days* - double what the competition offers!

*Visions Rewards members are eligible for 60 Days price protection on their purchases, all other purchases are covered by 30 day price protection. For information on becoming a Visions Rewards member, please visit our information page.

That’s right! You buy your product now, in-store or on-line, and can be confident that if you see a lower advertised price from an authorized Canadian dealer offering full manufacturers warranty within the above time period, we will price protect your purchase.

How can Visions do this when nobody else can? 
It’s simple really. We want you to be 100% confident that you have made the right decision when you shop with us, and no matter what happens to the price in the market afterwards, you will be looked after.

What should you do to make sure you get your price protection?
After you make a purchase from us, keep an eye on the ads, both ours and our competitors, on-line, in the newspapers and flyers etc. If you see your product advertised for a price lower than what you paid, send us a Price Protection Application form. All the details are listed below. It’s that easy!

The details:
If you find a lower legitimate advertised price, (including our own price) from an authorized Canadian dealer offering full manufacturer's warranty on an item of the same brand and model number as you purchased, and submit a postmarked Price Protection application form within 60 days, Visions will refund you the difference. (Applications submitted within 30 days from the date of purchase will be refunded in the form of a cheque, and applications from Visions Rewards members within 31-60 days will be given as an in-store Gift Card.) 

Exceptions: All Home Office (laptops, computers, computer accessories, etc.), Tablets, Cellular, Satellite products and DCT receivers carry a fifteen (15) day price protection.

In the case of an offer where shipping charges would apply, those same charges would apply to the price protected amount. Please note, our Price Protection offer does not apply to Discontinued, Demo, Final Clearance, One-Of-A-Kind, Limited Quantity and Special Order Products. Price Protection limited to Personal purchase only, we reserve the right to limit quantity. Limited Time Specials including Boxing Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also excluded. Of course any advertising errors or misprints also do not apply. Any financing terms applicable to the advertised offer will apply to the new offer as well. Please note: Our 15% Price Beat offer does not apply on Price Protection applications.  

Click here to download a printable copy of the Customer Price Protection Application Form in PDF format. (Requires Acrobat Reader).