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Did you Know?

If each year, every TV sold in British Columbia was the most energy efficient ENERGY STAR television, we could save enough energy to power over 2,000 homes in B.C. for one full year.

Many of the TVs we carry are PowerSmart Energy Star Compliant.

Buying green electronics will help save you money.

An ENERGY STAR TV, uses about 30% less energy than a standard unit and is rated to consume one watt or less when switched off.

Buying green electronics will help save the planet.

Green electronics are designed to save energy and reduce or eliminate harmful materials that have been found to have adverse effects on human health and wildlife.

Are green electronics more expensive?

No. If you consider the energy you save over the long term, green electronics and computers can actually save you money. Green electronics also typically have longer product life and higher resale value. There are often rebate and incentive programs available to Canadian consumers who buy designated green electronics and computers.

Television Efficiency Tips

For your existing TV:

When shopping for a new TV

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