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LG 120W Slim SoundPlate™ With Built-In Subwoofer (LAP340)

Price: $449.00 Sale Price: $298.00 Total Savings: $151.00 Sale Ends: 2014-07-23 Free Shipping!
LG’s incredibly slim 35mm SoundPlate™ compliments your flat panel TV and adds an elegant feel to your home décor.

4.1 Channel Surround

The 4.1 multi-channel surround system creates richer, deeper sounds that make you feel like you aren’t just watching, but experiencing every scene yourself.

Dual Built-In Subwoofers

Bass sound is produced by ultra slim built-in dual subwoofers. This single slim plate eliminates the need for bulky subwoofers to achieve a full sound system.

The Right Fit For Your T.V.

• Fits most TV sizes from 32” to 55”
• A great solution for either your primary or secondary TV
• Designed to match a large-sized, slim-bezel premium TV

Cable/Wireless Connection

The LG SoundPlate™ connects to a TV with just one single cable. Wireless connection is also possible with a wall-mounted LG TV* for a clutter-free look.

Dual Neodymium Speaker

A magnet is to a speaker as an engine is to a car. The powerful neodymium magnet is significantly more powerful than an ordinary magnet.

Wireless Audio Streaming

The LG SoundPlate™ doubles as a wireless home audio device and a TV audio output so you can better enjoy your favorite movies, sports and shows as well as your music collection that can be streamed via Bluetooth® with a compatible device.

Cinema Mode Switching

Change from standard mode to Cinema Mode when watching action-packed movies for a truly immersive experience.

Included in box:

• LG LAP340 Sound Plate
• Remote Control
• Coin Battery
• Digital Optical Cable
Product Dimensions
Width:32.24 inches
Height:3.62 inches
Depth:14.69 inches
Weight:10.67 pounds
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