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Autostart Two - Way Remote Starter (AS2373TWV)

Price: $279.99
For Inquiries regarding this product (example installation and compatibility) please contact one of our retail locations for more information. Please see the store locator to find the store nearest you.

Known for its incredible range, ruggedness and compact design transmitter. The Autostart AS2373TWV includes all the practical features and ruggedness, of a 2-way but with the simplicity of a 1-way system.

Autostart’s AS2373TWV has up to 3000ft / 900m of range with audible confirmation and visual command confirmation via button illumination. Engine run time can be set and it has ultra low battery consumption, with ability to use the remote to controlled Valet Mode. The unit also has 3 auxiliary outputs and is compatible with the smart start system.

PLEASE NOTE: This product can only be retuned or exchanged if it has not been installed in a vehicle. Products not installed by Visions Electronics will be covered through the manufacture directly.

Additional parts for installation (example vehicle interface) may be need and sold only at our retail locations.

Included in box:

• Control unit (AS2373TWV)
• 5 button FM LED transmitter
• 5 button companion transmitter
• Monopole antenna with embedded blue LED
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